Up In This Brain 415: Suck less


RANT WARNING! I know some of you hate this kind of stuff and I came so very, very close to deleting it which is what has happened to many almost-episodes of this podcast over the years but, you know what, not anymore! This is what's on my mind this week and Up In This Brain is a what's on my mind podcast because I just don't have the time to make it into something else these days. It's either this or nothing!

I go on and on about politics and recent events so if you would rather hear a discussion about the discography of Ambrosia, I suggest you click here instead.

NOT SO GREAT AUDIO WARNING! I recorded the first and last segments using Voice Memo on my phone and the middle segment on my Sony recorder while moving around a room folding and hanging up clothes. My apologies to the audiophiles out there.

I know, two weeks in a row of serious topics. I can blame Doug for last week's topic but I have no one to blame but myself for this episode!