Up In This Brain 301: Just a Song Before I Go


It's time. Actually, 200 would have been a good time to leave 'em wanting more. Last summer during the hiatus would have been a graceful way to exit. Even 250 would have been OK! I barely made it to 300 as I am sure many of you could tell. I even tried multiple times to record a final monologue for this episode and I ended up with about eleven goof ups. That is a sign. I have pretty much just run out of things to say in a solo, personal journal type of podcast.

It's been a fun ride and I'm thankful for the people I met through this podcast. I'll still be heard in other places and will still be around Twitter @upinthisbrain.

The feed and site will remain up. Who knows. I might one day get an idea for a different kind of podcast that would go perfectly right here.