Up In This Brain! was started by me in 2013 as a personal journal/mixtape podcast. It's now just the personal journal part with me talking into the recorder every two weeks or so. 

Old episodes can be found in The Vault.

The podcast is about what's happening here in Armpit, Tennessee (just outside of Music City U.S.A.) and sometimes I record while sitting in or near the home office or while driving around trying to avoid getting pulled over for a PWD (Podcasting While Driving).

You can email me with questions, concerns and recipes - jason@upinthisbrain.com.

The intro sound is Sine Melody #2: https://pixabay.com/sound-effects/sine-melody-2-90422/

The outro sound is Sine Jingle: https://pixabay.com/sound-effects/sine-jingle-94710/