The Vault

This is where you can dig into the musty shelves of episodes of the Up In This Brain! Vault and enjoy (?) classic episodes of the podcast going back to 2013.

I have these on OneDrive because that was easiest for me. Hopefully you are able to click the links and join in the nostalgia of podcasting days gone by!

Scroll down to the bottom for archives of other podcasts I was a part of.

Episodes 1-99!ArZqXeclqQL2lwDi6lVx-CngsecL?e=I8YUm7

Episodes 100-199!ArZqXeclqQL2lkGeUarU6ljjr-w1?e=gk1aDM

Episodes 200-299!ArZqXeclqQL2lVhx3nZfeGUUjcUt?e=KYZl3U

Episodes 300-399!ArZqXeclqQL2lEm0ZPO6zq3JUcB3?e=Er9sk7

Episodes 400-499!ArZqXeclqQL2lA6e9fQh_XVlNlTM?e=yEKcdi

Episodes 500-599!ArZqXeclqQL2kzakFPVIStfiJA-Q?e=i4Iwig

Episodes 600-699 (in progress!)!ArZqXeclqQL2kzVX4vTQy3J63rcp?e=6FdnoJ

Episodes 700-799 (eventually!)

The Smooth Sailing Vault!ArZqXeclqQL2mhT1HHCy9aNfJY_W?e=KabAEo

The snaejneerg Archive

The Letters from Armpit Archive