Up In This Brain 353: All new exclusive intro


I'm back. My apologies. Also, I used up most of my ideas and energy recording a Garbagecast Conversation right before I recorded this so this is nothing more than the leftovers you left out on the counter all night but will eat anyway because it's just too cold to go out and buy food and you know you're too lazy to cook.


Up In This Brain 352: The 1st Podcasting Day of Christmas 2017


It is my final episode of the Christmas series and of 2017. Today's episode features a special request by our friend Scott. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2018. I'll be back sometime on or after January 4, 2018.

Thank you for listening to and supporting this podcast and me for almost five years!

The 12th Podcasting Day of Christmas 2018 is Friday, December 7th, 2018. Pencil it in on your calendars right now!


Up In This Brain 351: The 2nd Podcasting Day of Christmas 2017


It's almost over, folks! Hold on just a bit longer! In this episode, we have a special introduction and request by @MMD and he features one of my favorite artists of all time. Turn it up loud and proud!


Up In This Brain 350 (THREE-FIFTY!): The 3rd Podcasting Day of Christmas 2017


WOW! We made it to three hundred and fifty episodes! My work on Earth is complete. Please enjoy a special request (not dedication but you can pretend it is dedicated to you if you want) from Michael, The Virtual Yooper!