Up In This Brain 214: #CNDOP 2015

It is the Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting 2015! This episode features a special appearance from Calvert and Agnes, some tunes, and a look back on those we lost in 2015.

Linkage (as promised):

You can Twitter me @upinthisbrain and you can email your Christmas Countdown dedications and requests to upinthisbrain@aol.com. The third annual Christmas countdown starts December 9th!

Up In This Brain 213: Those can't be skydivers!

Happy Thanksgiving (if applicable, by location!)

In this episode, I celebrate two radio shows I am thankful for:

Turkey Confidential - airing this Thursday from 12PM to 2PM Eastern Time on NPR stations across the USA


Beautiful Druid - airs most Sundays on CFRU (CFRU.ca) from 7AM to 9AM Eastern Time


Thank you all for the friendship and support over the last year. I am thankful for all of you this Thanksgiving.