What I use to listen to and record podcasts

(Updated 2/7/2019)

I use the following setup at the home office desk with my Dell Inspiron 15 5558 laptop for most recording:
I listen to podcasts on an Apple iPod Touch 6th generation. The app I use and recommend is Pocket Casts.

I typically record my podcasts in real time with no editing using the app Backpack Studio on an Apple iPad Air 2 with a Blue Microphones Snowball mic using an Apple USB to Lightning adapter that I can use if I am not being super lazy. I think the Earpods sound just as good.

I sometimes record in the car or elsewhere using a Sony ICD-AX412 recorder and I edit those podcasts in Audacity later on my Dell Inspiron 15 5558 laptop.

When I travel, I record on my iPhone using Backpack Studio and Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic. All intros and other sound clips I use are prepared in Audacity first.

My podcasts are hosted on Posthaven and my feeds are hosted on Feedburner.

My main podcast is Up In This Brain! which is the site you are on, of course! The feed is here.

Also, I have a shorter version of the podcast hosted on Anchor.fm. It's where I put one-off clips and other stuff that I want to share but just doesn't fit into the main podcast.

My Anchor.fm podcast is Up In This Brain! Lite. The page is here. The feed is here.