Up In This Brain 388: Tom and Harlan


I got through Monday sitting in the surgery waiting room watching YouTube clips of Tom Snyder interviewing Harlan Ellison. I started taking notes on audio I wanted to share and this episode is the result. The audio comes from several different interviews. Tom interviewed Harlan quite a few times over the years. I find what both of them said to be quite fascinating and profound. In my opinion, this is a must-hear episode for any creative person. 

  • Clip 1: They WILL write
  • Introduction
  • Clip 2: It just gets to be a drag after a while
  • Clip 3: Creative Interference
  • Clip 4: They can't buy my soul but they can rent my talent
  • Clip 5: I'll kill to keep those words that way
  • Clip 6: People get used to garbage
  • Clip 7: Life is not a John Wayne movie
  • Clip 8: Things come too easily¬†/ Simplifying ideas distorts them
  • Clip 9: What are people afraid of?
  • Clip 10: They know the truth
  • Clip 11: Who else you mad at these days?
  • Clip 12: Cocaine Freaks and Intellectuals
  • Clip 13: Ego Feed
  • Clip 14: Television keeps people bland
  • Clip 15: Shoot him down! He's green!
  • Clip 16: My version of throwing eggs at them