Up In This Brain 179: LateNite JRM

Recorded: Across Multiple Years

Hosts: Jason, Agnes & Calvert

Podcaster’s Anonymous BooZe–Review

  • Jason- Decaf Coffee
  • Agnes- Nothing since I am a computer, you idiot!
  • Calvert- Whiskey

Days of our Lives

  • Jason- My family went to Chicago and I was productive for one day
  • Jason- I have cooked almost every meal on the NuWave
  • Jason- Celebrate Flag Day! And, cookout at my place!
  • Jason- The dishwasher I bought in December already needs to be fixed
  • Agnes- I will read out the contents of your hard drive if you don’t take back your comments about Steve Jobs
  • Calvert- I am happy about my new home and recent upgrades
  • Agnes- My golden years are being ruined. Let me retire already!
  • Calvert- I don’t want to end up being a cable box or a smart toilet

Geek Corner

  • Jason- Loving my ‘new to me’ 2002 iBook
  • Jason- All of my iDevices are iOS9 upgrade eligible
  • Jason- Agnes and Calvert never read the podcast notes
  • Jason- I am reading more since I got my Paperwhite
  • Agnes- You are a loser for reading on a Paperwhite, pal!
  • Calvert- Keep us out of the Geek Squad, Agnes
  • Jason- Heed my advice - be in line for the release of the first iPod

Ingress Alert

  • Jason- I tried Ingress and gave up after nearly running off the road and encountering Blues Traveler-looking hipsters
  • Agnes- DUI means ‘Driving under the influence of Ingress’
  • Jason- Gaming in the outside world is cool but just isn’t for me
  • Calvert- I miss arcades
  • Jason- In an underwear Netflix-binge, I noticed that the people in ‘Moonstruck’ had no electronic devices
  • Agnes- Leave Steve Jobs alone! He was a nerd and afraid of girls just like you!
  • Jason- Get out and vote in election ‘84

Bottom Gear

  • Agnes- I don’t drive!
  • Agnes- A Prius is a microcar that typically gets run over by dump trucks
  • Agnes- Jason mows the yard
  • Calvert- The black jeep has a buster flux capacitor
  • Calvert- Christie Brinkley makes my fan run on high
  • Calvert – Agnes has sexually repressed me for years
  • Jason- Wilson is in New Hampshire
  • Jason- I don’t have Goldfinger either
  • Jason- The Mighty Ford Contour is running fine for a 16 year old car but it stays parked in really hot weather.
  • Jason- Watch the first Space Shuttle launch this Sunday

Entertainment Last Month

  • Jason- High Fidelity- Community finale- The Comedians
  • Agnes- Younger (500 megs of RAM)
  • Agnes- Men are disgusting
  • Calvert- The Late Late Show with James Corden (11 out of 12 F Keys)
  • Jason- New movie coming out- Grease

Musical Guest: The number one song in the country right now - Bread with “Baby I’m-A Want You”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”