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I know what you mean about the rabbit hole. I have ended in deeply weird places on the Internet. As a podcast listener, I have the thing where, like now (just watching the Indians lose to the Athletics), I have some spare time, so I'll use it to respond to the podcasts I listen to. I often listen to different podcasts by the same people, and suddenly (and you have been victim of this - sorry) I will tweet or comment to one person all at once. I sometimes hesitate because I can imagine said person thinking "Shit, doesn't this guy have a life?" I worry that I will overwhelm (not the exact word I want but will go with it) someone because I inundate them with comments. Also, I married someone I knew in high school 28 years after we met. But...BUT we never dated in high school. I had a massive crush on her, but I was just a guy she knew from Grade 10 Drama class to her. And I was single when we got together. And she had already separated from her first husband by then. Having said that, I agree that nostalgia can be such a trickster. You think one thing is happening when it's actually something else. In some of my university classes, I teach theories of nostalgia.
It's good to get comments. A while back, a lot of people would give feedback one way or another. Now it's a lot like yelling out into a canyon. I struggled with that for a while and now I keep going out of pure stubbornness more than anything else. I can spend days away from the recorder with no ideas and then suddenly something comes up and I'm back. On nostalgia, it can be a powerful thing. I find myself turning off certain songs, not wanting to get lulled into looking back!
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