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I chuckled when you commented about the fact that the new bypass not being new. Where I live (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) we have two bridged spanning the harbour. We still call one of the bridges "the new bridge" even though it was completed in 1970 (I was 3 years old). Of course the other bridge was completed in 1955, so comparatively the 1970 bridge is new. We have a cat. He is a jerk.
We briefly had a cat from a local rescue. It decided that its full time job was to terrorize our youngest daughter when she was around 2. After a few months, I had to return it to the rescue for a new placement. For some reason, it picked her to be its mortal enemy and would sneak around to jump at her. It was fine with the rest of us. She was so scared she wouldn't come out of her room!
Our cat isn't that bad. He's just a jerk. Like sticking his cold, wet nose is your face at 3 am or laying on the computer keyboard the minute you open it and look at you as if to say "What? I've been here all along." My step-son (who has cerebral palsy) has developed a fear of animals. He's compromised with the cat. The cat is allowed to stay but isn't allowed in the step-son's room (so we keep his door closed).
The cat we had loved jumping up on my desk and trying to knock the pen out of my hand. That I miss!
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