UITB 308: Ads and a short podcation (See the shownotes for some unimportant updates!)


No traditional episode this week. Please enjoy some mid-70's jingles instead! The audio in this episode comes from http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2014/10/an-advertising-sample-reel.html

The Unimportant Updates!

I have decided to give up on bringing back the snaejneerg podcast. I have removed the site permanently. Please unsubscribe as the feed is gone. GONE! I've decided to spend my solo creative time on just this podcast right here so all of my ideas will drop into this like live turkeys tossed from a helicopter.

I have also decided it was finally time to give up blogging for good. Up In This Blog is permanently gone. GONE! Please unbookmark it! LOL. Like anyone bookmarked it!!

I'm still on Twitter @upinthisbrain and in all of the other usual places.

I'll be back with a special Canada Day episode. Won't you join me then?