Up In This Brain 193: All Caffeined Up!

The episode's word of the week is SUMMERY.

The all-caffeined up segment is at 21:18. Everything else in this episode might be incoherent nonsense.

Items discussed in Geeks Corner (starting at 44:06):

Thunderstorm picture I took yesterday:

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This episode was posted on 8/20/2015.

Special to Up In This Brain: A Mix of Sun and Cloud S2E01: Intro and Week One

Up In This Brain subscribers - I am sharing the first episode of my podcast discussing The Artist's Way here just one time. If you find you are interested, please subscribe using the links below. If you prefer just my typical rambling with songs and clips, that's fine also. I know this podcast will have quite the limited audience. I really do it just for me as part of the whole process. A new episode of Up In This Brain is coming later this week. Thanks!

In this episode, an introduction to the new season of the podcast in which I discuss going through The Artist's Way program. This season, I am going through the second book of The Artist's Way, Walking in This World. Not only do I reintroduce the podcast for the sake of those who have not heard it before, I also explain why I changed the name of the podcast from I Used To Be Brilliant to A Mix of Sun and Cloud.

The topic this week is Discovering a Sense of Origin.

A new episode of the podcast will be posted approximately every two weeks.

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All music from this podcast is found on Free Music Archive.

This year's opening theme is "Cloudy" by Anitek.

This episode's closing music is "Your Call Is Important To Us" by Cat System Corp.

Up In This Brain 191: Now what?

Recorded across August 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2015, it's the season four premiere of Up In This Brain, featuring even more of the same old crap that you know and tolerate!

In this episode, I yap on about the first day of school, Windows 10, blogging, podcasting, volleyball and more.

Hold on to your hats - this podcasting train is leaving the station and heading right toward an unsuspecting cow that is standing on the tracks!!

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Up In This Brain 190: Long Distance Dedications

Recorded on 7/28/2015, here are some post-MMPR15 thoughts and thanks for those I met.

For the paranoid and/or people too busy to listen to over an hour of my rambling, I created a detailed list so you can just find out when I talk about you. However, many of you are randomly mentioned in other people’s segments also!

Apologies to any I have left out or who wish I had left them out!

  • Segment 1 (0:01)
    • Intro
  • Segment 2 (4:01)
    • Anthony/Dave/Bob
  • Segment 3 (16:52)
    • Apologies to people I end up skipping by accident
  • Segment 4 (17:59)
    • Brent/Ken
  • Segment 5 (28:55)
    • LateNite QRM
    • Includes a mini Entertainment Last Week (29:11 until 31:47) – “Paper Towns” review
    • Back to LateNite QRM at 31:47
  • Segment 6 (39:17)
    • MMD
  • Segment 7 (50:48)
    • People we missed at MMPR
  • Segment 8 (51:58)
    • Adam
  • Segment 9 (55:59)
    • Jasen/Kate
  • Segment 10 (1:05:34)
    • Bonus: I am a terrible, terrible parent!
  • Segment 11 (1:06:39)
    • Doug
  • Segment 12 (1:11:50)
    • Candice

Up In This Brain 182: Mixtape

In this episode recorded completely on my 1991 Emerson CTR961C 4 Speaker Dual Cassette Recorder, I share some old cassettes I've had for years and talk a bit about the old mixtape days.

To create this file, I copied the podcast over from cassette to Audacity via the Emerson and then did remove a bit of the audio hiss. A lot of hiss is still there so imagine what the tape sounds like! I also corrected the audio level of one part when I was talking and had forgotten to turn the dubbing switch back to off. It's been over 20 years since I made a mixtape so I'm a tad rusty.

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Up In This Brain 181: Canada Day 2015

Time to jam some songs and jingles up in the bossjock (That's what she said!) and record a podcast for Canada Day. I ramble on about my Canadian memories and play some Canadian tunes.

No podcast next week due to VACATION. You get a whole week of me not infecting your earholes!

Come see me July 24th-26th at the Marshall McLuhan Podcaster Roundtables in Hamilton, Ontario! I'll sign your iPod (That's what she said!).

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